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iTrack GPS Car Tracker Main Features and Advantages

I was always worried about my car when I left it on the roadside parking or in an open place. In this case, the iTrack GPS Car Tracker helped me to know my car location on my phone screen. I will share my testing ideas with the car tracker in the iTrack GPS Car Tracker review. To keep my vehicle safe, I am using the device still now without any problems.

9.8out of 10

Ease of Use 9.9
Value for Money 10
Safety 9.7
Appearance 9.8
Compatibility 9.7

The iTrack GPS Car Tracker works with the car’s OBD port. No need for extra batteries to run because it automatically starts when the vehicle is started. It presents the accurate location of the car in real-time. That ensures excellent safety to my cars and I highly recommend it for real-time performance.

Product Summary
iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review

iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review

Main Features:

  • OBD technology
  • Reliable and very robust
  • Real-time tracking data
  • Easy to install
  • Personalized alerts

What Is iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

iTrack is a GPS based car tracker that works through the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port. It provides accurate tracking for OBD support. Also, it sends a real-time location report of the vehicle 24/7. It works with those vehicles that have an OBD port. No monthly and yearly charges.

What Is iTrack GPS Car Tracker

The sleek car tracker shows the route of the destination with high-accuracy. To see the overall result, the iTrack app must be set up with login details on the smartphone. All historical data are secured with high-end protection, so hackers cannot steal car tracking data. Let’s discover more about the intelligent car tracker in the iTrack GPS Car Tracker review.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker Main Features and Advantages

iTrack GPS Car Tracker provides more accurate results than other GPS trackers for its OBD based cutting-edge technology. Let me share the amazing features of the GPS tracker that I have tested.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker Main Features and Advantages

OBD technology:

It is connected to the OBD system of the car, which is located near the dashboard. By inserting a sim card on the device, it provides accurate positioning of the car. When the car is started, it notifies speed, driver’s behavior, route, etc with accuracy.

Reliable and very robust:

It looks like plastic but made with ABS materials that give it perfect build quality. The 16-pin OBD tracker perfectly fits on all cars and never comes out in an accidental case. It becomes standby up to 6 days with the powerful and rechargeable battery.

Real-time tracking data:

When the car is started, it continuously sends notifications and the location of the vehicle. So, there is no chance of stealing. Also, it allows me to track a car when my son is driving it. The safety alerts me about his locations and where he is going in real-time.

Easy to install:

To use it, a SIM card is required to insert into the tracker. Then, connect with the smartphone’s app and get perfect positioning from anywhere. For these, no need for mechanics help. It has an extra port to expand to 1MB memory up to 2GB using a micro SD card.

Personalized alerts:

It allows me to turn ON/OFF alerts if needed. It sends a continuous signal on my smartphone after starting the vehicle. I set up the alerts according to my needs.

How To Use iTrack Car Tracker?

The OBD GPS car tracker is very simple, but a little bit tricky to set up. Follow the steps carefully.

How To Use iTrack Car Tracker?

  • At first, take a SIM card and insert it into the tracker.
  • Find the car’s OBD port and plug the tracker carefully in the port.
  • Install the iTrack app (iOS and Android) and launch it.
  • Sign up with the required information.
  • Link up the tracker with the smartphone.

Now, installation is finished and my car is under my observation.

What Makes This Itrack So Special?

Some unique features make the iTrack GPS Car Tracker special from others. The main feature is the cutting-edge OBD technology. For the system, it provides more accurate positioning of the car with real-time data.

What Makes This Itrack So Special

It notifies alert 24/7 and I personalized it based on my needs. The ABS construction provides durable performance with longevity. By inserting a sim card, it works with all types of smartphones.  On the app, all data is saved with protections, so nobody can access it.

Why Do I Need iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

Nowadays, vehicle theft is occurring everywhere in the world. So, it is must-needed to protect the vehicle using smart security. Padlocks, door locks etc are easy to break, so I prefer the ITrack GPS car tracker. It helps to find out the vehicle even if it is lost.

Why Do I Need iTrack GPS Car Tracker

To use the GPS tracker, a sim card and the default iTracker app is required. When I start the car, the tracker provides a continuous alert of the car’s location, unwanted movement and potential issues. It sends an instant alert on the phone with a loud alarm. So, I can leave my car anywhere without the fear of loss. For these advanced and accurate features, I recommend the iTrack GPS Car Tracker for every vehicle owner. But, your car must have an On-Board Diagnostic port.

Where Can I Order iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

From the Official Website of the iTrack GPS Car Tracker, I have got a 50% special discount on a single purchase. They offer free offers on multiple purchases that make it an efficient GPS tracker and worth the cost. The offer and stock are limited, so don’t be late. Grab the authentic GPS tracker and keep the vehicle safe right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at the answers to the frequently asked questions about the iTrack GPS Car Tracker.

Can I track my phone If I don’t have a smartphone?

iTrack GPS Car Tracker is an OBD based tracker that requires an OBD port in the car and smartphone app to get reliable results. Having a smartphone is hassle-free to track cars from anywhere.

Does the iTrack GPS Car Tracker have inbuilt memory?

The iTrack has in-built 1MB memory that allows you to set about 16000 locations. It has an extra slot to expand the capacity up to 2GB using a micro-SD card.

How long the battery of the device last?

It works for up to 6 days in standby mode. You will be notified when the battery becomes low and recharge to use it again.

Conclusion of the iTrack Review

In the iTrack GPS Car Tracker review, I have discussed all the magnetic and OBD tracking systems. For its cutting-edge technology, it provides more accurate results and positioning of my car. It has 1MB expandable memory that can save up to 16000 locations.

No need for additional fees and mechanics help to install it in the car. But the tracker only works with those automobiles that have an On-Board Diagnostic port. Using the iTrack app, I can observe my car’s positioning in real-time. To keep the car secured anywhere, I highly recommend the iTrack GPS Car Tracker to stay in peace.

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