Peeps by Carbonklean Reviews (2022): Keep Glasses Crystal Clear


I hear about Peeps by Carbon Klean all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? I have been wearing glasses since elementary school. I have always had poor vision. It’s not my fault, of course. I purchased it because it is approved by NASA and used in the space ships. After using several days, it provided me with a clear view of my lenses. The carbon pads effectively clean all dust and germs from the glasses. I never see any scratches on my glasses while cleaning glass with the Peeps. 

Peeps is an eyeglass cleaner with remarkable efficiency. I was fed up with wearing dirty glasses that I cannot see anything in. The peeps eyeglass cleaner ensures me a clear, accurate view without any reflections from lenses or glasses. It is really simple and i got my glasses as shiny and precise as when bought the glasses. Here, I will share all my experience with the Peeps by Carbon Klean. Let’s dive into the peeps by carbon klean reviews.

What Is Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner?

Peeps is a new generation tool that takes advantage of aerospace carbon technology used by NASA and Space X to obtain a clear, accurate view without any reflections. This eyeglass cleaner has been designed to clean eyeglasses and sunglasses with the same precision and safety that is used in the aerospace industry. For this reason, peeps eyeglass cleaner uses molecular carbon technology that allows you to obtain anti-glare glasses, which do not tarnish and which remain clean over time.


Microfiber cloths have always been used to store your lenses but often prove to be inefficient and ineffective. Using classic methods, when your glasses are very dirty, it is really hard to clean them and it is very easy to damage or scratch them. Not to mention that they can always fog up and don’t create an anti-glare halo. It is small, compact, easy to transport and lightweight. The tip of the gadget is equipped with a kind of tweezer with a carbon molecule brush on each side. The cleaning tool allows you to clean both sides of the glass in one go. In addition, you are assured that your glasses will not be damaged during the process.

How Does The Eyeglass Cleaner Work?

The design of Peeps glasses is designed to be easy to use, compact and always at hand. It is equipped with a handle that adapts perfectly to my hand to facilitate me in cleaning glasses. It is small in size and comes with a special case that allows me to always carry it with you and keep it safe.


Also, I can notice that it has two small pads of 5 × 2 cm size that fit the lenses of my glasses without pressure. In this way, thanks to their composition in carbon molecules, I can clean sunglasses or eyeglasses without scratching them or causing damage.

The carbon molecules of which the two pads are composed allow me to clean glasses up to 500 times but, if kept well, Peeps glasses can last even longer. It is enough to get rid of fingerprints, dust and dandruff easily. Besides, the Peeps Carbon pads are non-abrasive and give anti-glare and anti-fog protection to the glasses.

Are Peeps Safe For Glasses?

Peeps are safe for both plastic and glass lenses because it has a special coating of carbon technology used in NASA space station. The carbon pads never damage glasses for the special coating. Its small brush is great for removing dust, small particles, fingerprints etc. Also, it does not make a scratch on the glasses while cleaning. It comes in the compact carrying case so I can carry in my pocket to clean glasses anytime for clear visibility all time. Also, it is made with eco-friendly material so that it can be considered as the weather-safe cleaner.

Special Features Of Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

The Peeps eyewear cleaning tool is not just innovation and a more effective way to get eyeglasses or sunglasses always on top. But it is much more. Let’s see together the special features that you can get by using this gadget to clean glasses:


  • Clear vision: The number one reason to wear glasses is to be able to see clearly. For this to make sense, the glasses must be clean. Nothing is more frustrating than wearing dirty or scratched glasses. With the peeps carbon eyeglass cleaner, it improves my vision which is much more than with traditional means.
  • Safety: Scratches on the glasses can damage your eyesight. Plus, changing the glass always costs like an arm and a leg. With Peeps glass cleaner, i never face this problem. It also allows me to eliminate the fog on the glasses, which could well prevent me from an accident in the car.
  • Functionality: Let’s be honest. I have certainly scoured the internet for quick fixes with products for cleaning glasses and the like. But to no avail. With this tool, i can eliminate this problem from my life. 
  • Clean glasses in all situations: Having dirty glasses is often synonymous with a healthy lifestyle that leaves something to be desired. It is not the person’s fault that they do not know how to clean their glasses properly. It’s just that this person didn’t know Peeps glasses yet! Nothing better to prepare for a job interview or a date.
  • Environment friendly: Peeps eyewear is built with ecological materials with respect for the environment. One more reason to use it because i am very serious about the environment and want to put an end to this abuse!

  • Get a better view than traditional cloths do not allow me to have.
  • It is safe and there is no risk of scratches.
  • Do not fog up and is great for the anti-reflective solution.
  • Built with eco-friendly materials.
  • Clean glasses effectively with the carbon pads.


  • Clean glasses up to 500 times.

How To Use Peeps Glasses Cleaner?

I must point out to you first of all that there is really nothing rocket science here. If I wear glasses myself and are used to cleaning them regularly, it won’t really change my habit. 

Here are the steps how I am using it: 

  1. At first, I leave glasses in the case, place the brushes on one of the glasses. 
  2. I make sure that the brushes are well placed on each side of the glass. Either way, don’t worry. The product is designed in such a way that it cannot damage your glasses.
  3. Then I start to clean glass, then repeat the operation on the other.

It is truly a real child’s play. Also, it can clean glasses up to 500 times according to the manufacturer, but more if you take care of it. But, I need to change the brush after 580 times cleaning.

How Do I Clean My Peeps?

Peeps by Carbon Klean is a portable glass and lens cleaner that does not require extra cleaning tasks. It has carbon technology patented microfiber pads that automatically dust itself. If you see any dust and debris follow the steps to clean peeps.


  1. At first, take the peeps and reveal the carbon pads.
  2. Gently brush the pads to remove dust.
  3. Now, conceal the pads in the previous place to perform the next cleaning.

Don’t use detergent or dishwasher to clean the peeps.

Is Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Scam?

The Peeps eyeglass cleaner is as efficient as it is accessible. With its carbon technology used by aerospace companies such as NASA and Space X, I can say that the glasses cleaner comes with good credentials. It is safe and I never face scratches on my glasses still now. I feel boring when seeing any dirt on my glasses and hard to see anything clearly. The cleaner helps me to clean lenses over time and improve visibility. In the case, I can easily carry the Peeps in my pocket or wallet so I can clean my glasses when needed. After all, it is not a scam and it works better than tradition glass cleaner and clothes.

Where I Can Buy It?


I must say that I thought it cost more when I used it, but by purchasing it on the official website, I was able to benefit from exclusive discounts. You will receive your lens cleaner a few days after your order. Also, the manufacturer offers a 30-day warranty if the product is defective. I advise you to buy it only from the official website to pay the real price and to take advantage of the discounts. Beware of other sites!

The official website address. It is an excellent offer if you are thinking of making a unique, special and practical gift for how to clean the glasses for some of your friends or relatives!

Frequently Asked Question

I have answered some frequently asked questions about the peeps carbon eyeglass cleaner.

Are peeps any good? 

Peeps are good because they can remove fingerprints, streaks and dust without damaging glasses and lenses. Also, it deep cleans the debris quickly and effectively. 

Do peeps really clean glasses? 

Peeps is manufactured with carbon microfiber pads that can clean all dust, dirt, spots and other particles from deep without doing any damage. 

How long do peeps eyeglass cleaners last?

Peeps eyeglass cleaner can clean up to 500 times cleaning and it will do more if you take care of the cleaner properly. When its natural charging loses, it stops working and the user can notice the change.

How Often Should You Clean Your Lenses?

It depends on the quality of the lenses. Normal lenses need to clean twice a day or as you need. When you see dust, you should clean the lenses to get clear visibility.


Pepes comes with carbon microfiber pads that prevent scratches while cleaning a glass with it. So, there is no chance of scratches and damages on the glasses.

Final Thought

I think peeps eyeglass cleaner is really a great useful and practical tool. Thanks to its carbon technology, I can get clean and shiny lenses for a long time that do not fog up and anti-glare. Also, I can use it for any type of eyewear and if you are looking for how to clean your sunglasses well, this tool is for you. In addition to being used by NASA and Space X too, positive reviews have also been given positively by magazines such as Eyecare Business, NBC and Kevin Harrington. Please give it a read.

Nonetheless, when I write peeps by carbon klean reviews, I try to dig deep, not only because I text and use it, but I always try to give you the best reviews on the web. In this regard, it seemed only right to point out that Peeps clean glasses does not last forever, but after 500 times you use it, and you will have to recharge it. Obviously, it is better to maintain your glasses well rather than change them, and it will cost you much less.

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