Keysmart Review 2022: Is keysmart good?

Keysmart Review 2022: Is keysmart good? 2

I hear about KeySmart all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? Then I ordered this product and it arrived after 2 days from the order date. It helps to organize my bunch of keys and solve my problems of thigh soreness and pant rubbing. I need 2 minutes to understand its setup procedure and it can hold up to 10 keys. Its lightweight design and durable construction make it more convenient for me because I have dropped it many times and damp in water. Still, it is working fine without any corrosion and damage.

Unfortunately, we do not always have digital locks and it is for this reason that it is increasingly common to have to leave the door with bunches of keys that are often bulky, noisy and annoying. For this reason, having a bunch of keys is synonymous with responsibility because the risk of losing them is very high and who does not happen? To organize a bunch of keys, KeySmart is the best option for you. Here, I will share my experience with the keysmart key organizer and how it helps me. Let’s dive into it.

What Is Keysmart?

Keysmart Review 2022: Is keysmart good? 1

The KeySmart is a smart key holder that helps to organize more keys at a place. It is designed for those who want to carry many keys of desks, Amirah, vehicles, etc. and it allows them to store the keys serially to find out easily. Its S design makes it very attractive and it can hold more than 8 keys. When I take it from pocket to open desks or other compartments, it looks like a Swiss knife, which is impressive. I put my keys with space to find them out easily. If you want to avoid the spaces, you can keep up to 10 keys without any problem.

The smart and handy gadget is invented by Mike, who had faced the problem of key loss, pant damage and poking thighs. Also, you and I faced these problems several times when we carried the keys in our pocket. Once, I was lost my house’s main gate key and I became a nightmare to me because I had no alternative keys. Then, I feel to decide to keep the keys organized make copies for the future. Also, it is constructed with aluminum metal that will protect from rust and withstand everything. All types of keys can be store in the small smart key holder.

Is Keysmart Good?

The keysmart key organizer is good for its capacity if holding up to 10 keys in one place, reducing frequent losses due to carelessness and poor memory, when leaving the house. It’s aluminum construction provides durability and longtime usage. Also, its finishing and color quality is good and fits all keys. We can add accessories that we use daily like bottle openers, Nano light, USB and pocket clip. By having all your keys in one place, you avoid headaches from unexpected losses and unnecessary outlays of money. It allows us to quickly connect bag, luggage and other items, which makes it pretty handy.

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How Does Key Smart Work?

Keysmart Review 2022: Is keysmart good? 2

KeysSmart is a smart key holder that allows you to collect, organize and use your keys comfortably, saving you space and eliminating the risk of losing them. It has been designed super resistant to last over time and to withstand any weather conditions. On its S-shaped design follows the guidelines chartered by the manufacturer to reduce the space it occupies in your pocket and make it easy to handle.

Various Key Smart opinions highlight the fact that once obtained, it must be assembled. For this reason, it has been designed to assemble it easily without creating further flapping. In addition, you will have the opportunity to get it personalized, choosing the color you like best: red, blue, yellow, black, pink, purple and gray. If you want to personalize it, you can take it to a local jewelry store.

How Many Keys Can A Keysmart Hold?

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This organizing keychain efficiently collects, classifies and centers keys and minimizes the risk of unexpected loss. It is an organizer that can hold up to 10 keys. It has functional accessories such as a folding knife, a bottle opener and a USB cable. Besides that, it has a separating hook to locate just the keys of your car and those of work. In this way, you can conveniently separate the keys that are most necessary to you.

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Top 5 Features Of Keysmart

When we even think about taking the KeySmart key out of your pocket, we must clarify that the keysmart key organizer has an excellent value for money. Below, I have shared the top 5 features of the KeySmart according to my user experience. They are mentioned below:

  1. Security: It allows you to organize and collect up to a maximum of 10 keys. Eliminating the infamous set of keys will reduce the risk of losing your keys when you leave the house.
  2. Convenience and Comfort: You can organize your keys in a convenient smart pocket keychain and add various types of accessories such as bottle opener, USB and gadgets such as EveryKey and XY Find It. Is it not pretty?
  3. Greater savings of money and time: Losing your key pack or constantly checking that you always have it with you is annoying, boring and a nuisance. If you lose it, you will also have to spend money on having to redo them.
  4. Affordable and accessibility: KeySmart is cheap and accessible to anyone. In fact, it is also an excellent low-priced and original gift idea for any occasion, such as Christmas and birthday parties.
  5. Ultra-resistance and lightweight: The design and the material with which it is made with stainless steel and special aluminum alloys that make it resistant to any atmosphere such as snow, water, etc. and ultra-light.
Keysmart Review 2022: Is keysmart good? 4
  • It is crafted with a sturdy aluminum frame that makes it durable. You can add extra gadgets like USB, clip, lights etc. with keys. It can hold up to 10 keys and it supports old keys. Its S shape design provides a stylish, elegant and sleek outlook. It can be customized according to needs. It is water, scratch and corrosion resistant.
  • It becomes heavy with car keys and extra accessories.

Benefits Of Keysmart

I have got several benefits from the KeySmart that cannot be missed and I will share those benefits that are pretty amazing. Let’s see below:

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  • The KeySmart is made with aircraft-grade alloy metal that provides weatherproof protection and durability to day to day usage.
  • It can hold up to 10 keys and its weight is very light, so I never feel worried while traveling. Also, I added my car’s ignition key with the gadget and it is superb.
  • The S shape design and Swiss knife style make it outstanding in design. It is patented with a unique and stylish design, so I never feel bulky as other key holders.
  • I added USB flash drive, pocket clip and mini knife with keys for my ease. You can also add more if you want. Its titanium upgrade makes it durable and sturdy.
  • It can hold old keys without any problem for its enough space. I used it with my car keys and it never makes me worried while driving.
  • I customize it with my name from the nearest jewelry shop and it looks gorgeous. Also, it comes with different colors and I am using blue KeySmart.

Which Person Need This?

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It is extremely popular with the public, who are looking for comfort and safety. Also, it is perfect for homeowners who have many keys to open their house main gate, pump chamber, master doors, desks, cabinets, roof doors and more. It can hold multiple keys with necessary accessories like light, USB drive, pocket clip, folding knife, etc. But never give it to the child as a toy because metal accessories are not safe for children.

How Do I Use Keysmart?

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I am using it to keep my house keys, shop keys and a folding knife. After 3 month use, the SmartKey has been working as past. I did not have to tighten the screws for months. The paint is perfect and the keys don’t rub against the top of the smart key. One advantage that went unnoticed at first is that I no longer have to search and find the keys I need. Depending on how you find it in your hand. In time you will become very good at remembering, which is the correct key you need. When I’m at my door, the key is ready. This feature is very valuable when your hands are full! I am loving it!

How Do You Put Keys On Keysmart?

At first, it seemed difficult to put the keys to the KeySmart. Now, it is easier for me and I will show the process of how I am using it.

  1. I open the screws and separate the plate with facing up.
  2. Add keys according to my serial and keep the keys face inward.
  3. I take spaces for my ease and put 8 keys, but you can add more by removing the space.
  4. Add the other plate with screws and tighten it with my hands. It should be done by a screwdriver for perfect fitting.

Keysmart Additional Accessories

The best part of the keysmart key organizer is the additional accessories and customization options. Here, I will present the additional accessories that can be added to the key holder. Have a look below:

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  • USB flash drive: We can add a key style USB drive in it, which allows to transfer files wherever we go. It will never create a problem to connect the USB with a laptop or computer at low ground clearance.
  • Bottle opener: We are fond of soft drinks and beverages, so it becomes handy to open a bottle with the opener.
  • Pocket clip: Most of the time, our pocket was full, so the pocket clip allows for hanging it with the pant and other hangers to move freely.
  • Titanium upgrade: The titanium of the KeySmart makes it sturdy and durable with an elegant style.
  • Quick connect: It allows us to open and lock accessories within a few seconds to move quickly.
  • Mini Light: We can add a mini light that helps to move at night and dark place.

We can add these accessories to fulfill our daily tasks and the accessories are sold separately.

Is Keysmart Have A Warranty?

Fortunately for buyers of this product, a shipping guarantee has been provided. The delivery process after marking the purchase of KeySmart is usually immediate. The manufacturer grants a promise of one month or 30 days money-back guarantee. In case of damage, the customer will get replacement or return for defective products.

Is Keysmart Scam?

After hearing about the KeySmart from my pen friend, I have purchased it to test: is it real or scam? As my user experience, it is not a scam, and it is a real gadget that allows us to organize the keys in one place. It reduces my time while packaging and wrapping luggage. I added my car key with the extra hook that makes it convenient for me. I can hold up to 10 keys at a time and its space helps me to separate the keys. Its construction is very durable because I got wet in the rain and they KeySmart also damp and I arrived home after 7 hrs. It didn’t rust and color was shiny as new and it happens due to its sturdy aluminum frame. Also, I customize it with my name from a jewelry shop and added extra accessories like USB drive, folding knife and pocket clip.

Where I Can Buy It?

The KeySmart is available in the all online shop, but I recommend to buy it from their official website. I have purchased from the official website because they offer 30 days money-back guarantee if it is broken or damaged.

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Before purchasing, I analyzed its pros and cons from the customer’s reviews, and then I decided to buy it. It works better than others described because our thoughts are not the same. Also, you can buy it from Amazon or eBay and they also provide shipping and money-back guarantee.

Keysmart Review 2022: Is keysmart good? 8

Frequently Asked Question

Below, I have answered some frequently asked questions about the KeySmart that people search over the internet.

Where is KeySmart made?

KeySmart was made in Chicago, IL and invented by Michael Tunney, who was a minimalist key designer. It makes a revolution in our day to day tasks and lasts longer than others.

Does KeySmart hold car keys?

The keyholder has a loop ring that allows to hold a car key without any customization. Also, it can hold existing keys with car keys without any problem and you will not feel bulky.

How long does KeySmart battery last?

KeySmart Pro comes with a battery to run the tile tracker that helps to find out the keys. The battery lasts for 5 to 6 months and it allows to send a notification on your phone from the tracker.

How do you charge KeySmart?

Keysmart pro key organizer comes with a micro USB cable that can be used in any charging adapter so you can easily charge the KeySmart pro from wall outlets or power banks.

How long does it take to charge a KeySmart pro?

Keysmart pro key organizer is rechargeable and the battery takes 2 hours to charge fully. It shows notifications when the battery percentage is low and the battery is charged fully.

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Final Thought

Nowadays, we have more and more keys. Work, car keys and house keys are handy to be able to be calm and be sure to keep criminals and pretty thorns out. keysmart key organizer is the best solution for those who need to carry more keys. Also, it allows you to add accessories like USB flash drive, Nano light, bottle opener, etc. It can be added with a pocket clip to hang it in the pant’s belt.

The keyholder is durable and resistant because it is constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame. Its S-shaped design provides a sleek and elegant look. Also, it has a small hook to which can be attached with car keys and it will never disturb you. It can keep up to 10 keys and reduce the risk of losing keys. Its functionality makes it an excellent solution for those who no longer know where to bang their heads to understand how to eliminate bunches of keys.

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