VIZR Review (2022) : Is It Really Worth Buying?

VIZR Review (2022) : Is It Really Worth Buying? 1

I hear about VIZR all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? It looks like the pilot’s aircraft dashboard screen and helps to navigate while driving in a car. It supports all models of cars and vehicles for its adjustable screen. I have used it in my 1990 series old car and it fits perfectly. Before it, I have tried lots of console, displays, GPS tracking monitors, but nothing worked smoothly like the VIZR. I connect it through a simple smartphone app and its transparent screen helped me to see the road and the navigation through the HUD monitor. I never left any spot on my car dash and easy to operate by everyone, so I recommend to those who need a better driving experience.

The road can be dangerous and when we see the number of accidents and deaths on the road each year, there are reasons to worry. In addition, studies show that most of these accidents happen because of the lack of attention caused by our mobile phones. VIZR navigation will allow you to keep your eyes on the road at all times. Indeed, thanks to this elegant head-up display, you will be able to drive safely without having to sacrifice your GPS. As safety is not to be taken lightly on the road, this new device is more than welcome! Here, I will share my experience with the VIZR in the review. Let’s dive into it.

What Exactly Is Vizr?

VIZR Review (2022) : Is It Really Worth Buying? 1

VIZR is a head-up display (HUD) that allows you to have your GPS in front of the vehicle. It is a transparent display screen that operated through the phone. Place it above the steering wheel and dashboard. So, you don’t have to check your phone that increases your driving safety. The HUD improves your safety on the road by reducing distractions and obstacles that could block your vision.

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The VIZR shows notifications on the phone that allows us to keep up to date without any problems. For avoiding a possible accident, it also allows you not to lose precious points on your license. Although the latest cars are equipped with this device, not everyone can afford it. On the contrary, VIZR is affordable and easy to use and really not so expensive! With it, anyone can combine the functions of the auto HUD with a simple application. By doing so, you will not only see your GPS, speed, fuel consumption and other related information displayed but also the status of your car in real time.

Does Vizr Really Work?

VIZR HUD is an elegant device with its head held high that controlled from the screen of your smartphone and you can see everything in a transparent display so that you avoid having to look down to see the phone or take your eyes off the road. For this reason, the primary benefit and advantage of VIZR is driver’s safety. It allows you to keep your eyes on the road by reducing the risk of accidents that can even be fatal. In this way, you can check the notifications, access other important applications, or see what’s happening on the phone screen, without taking your eyes off the road. It will reduce the likelihood of being fined and losing valuable points on your driving license.

How Does Vizr Work?

VIZR Review (2022) : Is It Really Worth Buying? 2

This VIZR is really practical and allows you to improve your safety in the car considerably. Although it is simple to use, I have prepared the procedure for installing it correctly to make your life even easier! When you receive your product, take it out of its box and remove the protection that covers it. You will then have a small device with an unfolding screen.

  1. Before installing it in your car, you must first clean your dashboard. Indeed, you must remove any dust that could prevent the sticker from adhering properly.
  2. Install your device: To do this, use the sticky side. You must first remove the protective film from the label. Once you have found the perfect location, remove the base.
  3. Choose your application: VIZR GPS works with most GPS apps, including Google Maps. You can download a specific one if you prefer, such as HUDwayGO.
  4. Adjust the screen: Find him the perfect position so that you are comfortable. Don’t worry, and the device is designed so that your phone is securely fixed. So no risk of dropping it.

Note that VIZR GPS is compatible with all phones, whether you are on Android or iOS. Also, it works with all cars, whether old or not!

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Top 5 Key Features Of VIZR

The pilots use the technology like VIZR in aircraft to keep the focus on the path with proper navigation. The VIZR has several features and advantages. Here, I will share the top 5 features of the HUD device that I like most.

  1. Easy to use: To use the device, you will not need the help of an expert. It is very simple to set up: Place it on car dash, select navigation and drive safely around the road. Also, the screen can be adjusted according to your needs, so it is suitable for all cars.
  2. Compact design: It can work with all models of cars and vehicles. I know the latest models already have integrated HUDs, but getting the best HUD is an excellent alternative if a new car isn’t an option. Furthermore, not least, it works with all smartphone models currently on the market.
  3. Better viewing experience: We all worried about the resolution that might be affected at night and daylight. It works perfectly during the day or night, regardless of the conditions of visibility. Also, the VIZR provide a clear viewing experience at all weather conditions.
  4. Clear display: The display is protected by a coating so that it will not scratch at any time. If you clean it every now and then, it will remain crystal clear for a long time. Just use non-abrasive tools to clean the screen.
  5. Works with any HUD App: Although you can download its free App, it also works with the ones you already have on your mobile phone. You just have to make sure it’s configured in HUD mode.
VIZR Review (2022) : Is It Really Worth Buying? 3


  • Easy to set up and fits all models of car. It has an adjustable screen that allows for angling the device. It is constructed with anti-slip material so it will not slip at high-speed driving. The screen is scratch proof and smear-resistant. Clear and visible viewing experience at day and night. Work with both Android and iPhones device through a simple app. Proper navigation and notification alert.


  • The manual guide should be upgraded.

How To Set Up And Use The Vizr

If you have just purchased it or if you are completing the purchase, I thought I would give you some tips to set up VIZR HUD correctly. The estimated time to mount it is a few minutes.

VIZR Review (2022) : Is It Really Worth Buying? 4

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Before installing it, there may be dirt or dust that prevents it from adhering properly, be sure to remove it.
  2. Place it on the vehicle dash and set the position as you want. Then, fix it to the dashboard with adhesive or glue. You can reinstall it several times.
  3. Although the device works on several apps, I used HUDwayGO and FIXD app to run the device. If you have a FIXD device and installed FIXD app on your smartphone, you will get some extra features like real-time car monitoring.
  4. After mounting it, you can place the phone on it and then adjust the display as you prefer. Don’t worry because VIZR has been designed so as not to allow your smartphone to slip and exit the platform.

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What Apps Work With Vizr?

The VIZR works with most of the navigation apps and they are available in the Google play store and App store. I recommend to use the device with the FIXD app that provides some unique features such as live vehicle monitoring. You can use HUDwayGO, HUD Widget, Navmii, Speedometer, Wize and more. All types of HUD apps work with the device and you can use any apps that support and appropriately connected with the VIZR.

Who Can Use Vizr?

VIZR is an important device for car owners and drivers for safe driving on the road. Nowadays, roads are flooded with traffic and accidents become daily occurrences. The gadget provides correct navigation to reach the destination through a Map. If you are a traveler, you must attach on your car dashboard to reach the picnic and travel spot quickly. Also, it helps to daily riding by ensuring safety at an unknown destination.

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee?

If you buy directly from the manufacturer’s official site, you will get a 30 days money-back guarantee. It covers the refund and exchange of the product in case of damage.

Is Vizr A Scam?

It has a universal design that generates affinity and compatibility with any Smartphone that adapts to it as a GPS and attach it to any car. The VIZR has a resolution and illumination screen which will never be affected by the darkness of the night or the brightness of the day. Without distinction of the atmospheric conditions of the day, it perfectly shows the phone’s content. It directly projects what the mobile phone reflects on the screen. The Car HUD has a strong, multi-layered screen so it won’t scratch or fracture easily. Also, VIZR display allows you to download its application (Works on iOS and Android) on its official website for free by having your mobile configured in HUD mode. After all, it is not a scam and really works fine.

Where I Can Buy It?

VIZR Review (2022) : Is It Really Worth Buying? 5

It has the best prices on the market. It is an accessory whose material and quality place it as the best present for family and friends. If you are looking for an original and inexpensive gift, you will find that the cost is extraordinarily affordable among high-tech products. I recommend purchasing it from their official website Also, you can buy it from Amazon and eBay if you want.

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Frequently Asked Question

Here, I have answered some frequently asked questions about the VIZR.

Does VIZR work with Google Maps?

Yes, the VIZR works with Google Maps and provides correct navigation on the screen with real-time data. Google Maps is better than other navigation apps because it provides accurate location tracking all over the world.

Is VIZR a good product?

Yes, it is a good device to navigate properly while driving a car. The device can be placed on the car dash and operated from a smartphone app. It helps to drive the car safely and reach the desired destination.

Will VIZR fit any size smartphone?

It is designed to work with all smartphones, even small or big. It supports all android, windows and apple devices without any restriction. Also, it supports google maps, which makes it convenient to users.

Final Thought

VIZR works well for me and I don’t need to handle my phone every time I’m around. I like that VIZR Heads up Display makes my Panda help a little more modern. After numerous tests on our private vehicles, I determined that it really works and is extremely easy to use! It is incredibly modern.

It is a very good-priced accessory that is gaining customers (including me) with its amazing cutting-edge technology in the field of automotive security. VIZR Head-Up Display has helped me a lot in terms of my safety. Using my mobile phone often, I have always been at risk of accidents and fines. I do not deny that now I drive more calmly, confidently, by distracting myself less.

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Besides, it can be combined with the FIXD accessory. You can also view the vehicle speed, traffic, GPS navigation, mechanical and electrical conditions of the vehicle. It is so safe and prudent to combine it with FIXD to eliminate doubts and insecurities when traveling long distances on your business or pleasure trips.

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