Type S Review (2022)- Solar Powered Car Motion Sensor

Type S Review

I hear about Type S all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? It helped me to control my car from a smartphone and easy to park in the narrow garage. Its G-sensor allows to turn on and turn off automatically, so I never forgot about to start and stop it. Also, I tested it several cars and it worked fine. I control it through the Type S app and free for all android and iOS devices. In addition, it has a capacity of tolerating -25 ° C to 80°C temperature, so it provides resistance in all conditions.

When it comes to parking a car, many of us feel uncomfortable. And rightly so! Indeed, it is not only a matter of paying attention to your car, but you would not want to injure someone either inadvertently. Fortunately, thanks to the solution that I will share my experience with you, you will no longer have this problem. Want to know more about my user experience on Type S parking sensor? So read on.

Are parking sensors important?

Most of the parking places are narrow and less space, so it is difficult to park a car. A type s parking sensor helps to park the car safely and ensure the confidence to reverse. Also, it detects the objects behind and in front of the vehicle and prevents the accident by notifying the user. The sensor generally placed on the bumper or number plate of the car. The sensor emits sounds when something comes near to your car.

What Is the Type S parking sensor?

Type S is a solar powered car motion sensor and is the first wireless parking sensor of this type on the market! In fact, S Type sends audible and visual warnings to help motorists avoid accidents in parking areas, on the street and where our attention is always required. You should not overlook your safety when driving on the street or when you are in a congested parking lot. For this reason, a safety measure is needed that can warn you effectively with useful warnings and notifications to give you more peace of mind and confidence when you are behind the wheel.

This is the type of parking sensor kit that provides timely alerts and that draws the attention of the driver. It can be installed on the license plate of your car and mounted on the front and rear plates through the Bluetooth of the smartphone.  Also, it provides alerts through a series of clear and loud beeps and comes with a vibrant App equipped with an excellent visual display.

Type S Review

Ignoring your own safety makes you guilty of risking not only your life but also that of others and those close to you. This is why I will continue to focus on road safety in the rest of the review. Indeed, Type S is a good travel companion that improves driving safety, but also parking.

Who Can Use type s?

Type S parking sensor is really simple to install and setup without the help of the professionals. With a screwdriver and installing a smartphone app, everyone can use the device to protect their vehicle. The device is installed on the number plate or bumper. With Type S, you can detect what your mirrors do not see. So, all types of vehicle users like bike, car, taxi, bus riders can use it without any problems.

How secure is Type S?

Type S is mounted on the vehicle license plate and the device connected by Bluetooth to detect all uneven movements and warn you on your phone via a reverse beep. Anyone can install it with a screwdriver. But, it is hard to take off if they don’t have a specific screwdriver that matched with the sensor’s screws. If they want to remove the device, they have to remove the license plate or bumper, which is difficult and time-consuming. So, you can get alert and come to the place to catch the criminal.

How Does Type S Parking Sensor Work?

The Type S is a vehicle parking sensor that provides security. It is easy to use and started automatically when car started. The device works like below:

Type S Review

  1. The device should be placed on the vehicle number plate or bumper and it takes less than 5 minutes.
  2. After installing the parking sensor, download the Type S app from the play store or app store and connect it via phone’s Bluetooth.
  3. Now, it is ready to work.

With S Type, you can keep your family safe and secure on the road. Every car owner needs it to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. There are approximately 87% of vehicles on the road without parking sensors. This is why there are 2 out of 5 car accidents that occur in the parking areas. So, add it to your vehicle and stay safe.

Top 5 Awesome Features Type S

Type S provides real-time data and a clear view of everything that’s happening around the vehicle. Here, I will share its top 5 features that make it undeniably useful. Let’s have a look below:

  1. Safety and prevention: The parking sensor considerably improves your safety. It helps you avoid any impact on what is behind or in front of you, depending on where you place it, which can save you from a tragic accident. By installing this device, you don’t have to invest in a super expensive camera or any other complicated system. Type S gives you the security you need.
  2. Functionality: The reversing camera is easy to install and you can do it yourself. There is no complicated wiring system. You just need to remove your license plate, attach the device to it and put it back. It only takes 5 minutes to install yourself.
  3. Compatibility: For its compact design and construction, it is compatible with all cars. It can detect objects from 0 to 4 feet of distance.
  4. Easy to use: Connected to your smartphone, you will hear a beep every time you get dangerously close to something. In addition, Type S runs on solar energy and therefore recharges itself.
  5. Resistance: The device is designed to withstand all weather conditions, even the most extreme. It can tolerate -25 ° C to 80°C temperature so it can use in all weather conditions.

  • Easy to set up within 5 minutes.
  • Detects objects from 0 to 4 feet away and send alerts through the app.
  • Wireless sensor so it can be place on bumper and number plate easily.
  • Its design and construction is compact, so it fits all types of cars.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof so it can be used at all conditions.
  • It has G-sensor that started the device automatically when the car started.


  • It works on battery and needs replacement after a few months.

Benefits of Having Type S Wireless Parking Sensor

The Type S is a solar-powered and wireless parking sensor that can be installed easily with all vehicles. Here, I will share the benefits that I have got from the parking sensor. See below:

  • It has G-sensor technology that automatically opens the device when I am in use and activate power-saving mode for more than 30 minutes.
  • All types if car support the device and I used it my car and SUV without any difficulties.
  • It helps to prevent unexpected accidents and effective than other cams.
  • It can be used at all-weather conditions because it has waterproof and weatherproof protection.
  • The sensor can be installed quickly and does not require professionals to help.
  • It is wireless and solar-powered, so it never worries to recharge by disassembling.

How to Install Type S Wireless Parking Sensor

Type S parking sensor is easy to set up without the help of mechanics. We need a screwdriver and a smartphone to install the app. To make your task easier, I have prepared the procedure for you that i did. Follow these steps:

How to Install Type S Wireless Parking Sensor

  1. Install the Type S device on the vehicle license plate. Make sure that your plate is clearly legible to avoid any problem. The operation takes less than 5 minutes. If you wish, you can even install another one at the front of your vehicle for a more peaceful mind.
  2. Once you have installed the Type S, go to your app store to download the free application.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth and connect Type-S with the smartphone.
  4. Installation completed and check is it working.

It’s easy, right? Think about that 87% of vehicles are not equipped with a presence sensor. This is why 2 out of 5 accidents occur in car parks. So, protect yourself and your passengers.

Does This Device Come With A Warranty?

Most of the time, we faced road accidents and we must use an effective, efficient parking sensor that can protect us. The official products have 1 year warranty, which allows you to replace it if it doesn’t work or if you have any problems protecting your purchase. It will deliver only a few days after the purchase of the product and if you are from the outside USA, it will take 7 to 12 days to get the Type S. In addition, it is electromagnetic parking sensors to be included in your list.

Is Type S A Scam?

According my 2 month experience, it is not a scam but really helps to protect our vehicles. It is a wireless parking sensor that is so friendly that any user can understand its operation and installation within 5 minutes. The Type-S car parking sensor is wireless works with Bluetooth and notifies when an object comes close to the vehicle.

The wireless parking sensor includes G-Sensor technology, where the application that sends visual and audible alerts is automatically activated. This will save battery power by automatically turning it off after 30 minutes.

It is suitable for receiving alerts with problems in real-time. So, I feel safe about the warnings that are raised in the vehicle. It also captures an acoustic signal on Android and iOS devices for prevention when parking in reverse in a garage.

Where I Can Buy It?

Now, you can start enjoying driving in total safety. Use the Type S parking sensor on your vehicle for peace of mind and confidence. If you haven’t purchased it yet, go to their official website. Never buy it from 3rd party website becasue it may be a fake product. Also, you can get it from Amazon, eBay and Walmart if you want. They sell the Type S from the manufacturer and provide all services.

Frequently Asked Question

Below, I will answer some frequently asked questions about the Type S parking sensor.

Does Type S work with Apple and Android devices?

Yes, the parking sensor works through the Type S app, which is free in google play store and app store, so it works fine with both android and apple devices.

Is it water resistant?

The device is durable and IP67-rated, which means it can survive in submerged water for 30 minutes. So, it can be used in rainy, shiny and cold weather without any problems.

What if my license plate is on the back left of my vehicle?

The device can be installed anywhere of the vehicle you want. I prefer to install it in the center for better visibility. If you can adjust yourself by placing it on the left side license plate, you can.

Can I use the Type S in front of the car?

Type S can be used on both sides of the car. Some car’s license plate installed in the front and it can be placed here, but you will have some problems while parking in the narrow places because we see the front side clear, but the backside is hard to see with comfort.

Will the Type S sensor work on any vehicle?

It works on all types of vehicles that have a number plate or bumper. I used it on my motorcycle and Mini Van with a phone mount. Its set up is very easy, just need a screwdriver.

Final Thought

Type S parking sensor proved to be the most efficient reversing sensor among all the latest options on the market. It offers a high range of safety for the driver and passengers on board the car. And also for pedestrians who transit on the road.

Also, it innately helps its users to be aware of the potential risks so that accidents are avoided when listening to the warnings and alarms emitted by the parking sensor or for car parking. This is the only wireless parking sensor whose power source is solar energy. It is also simple to install and very friendly compared to other sensors that are on the market. So don’t hesitate! Your security is priceless.

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