OlumiRing Review 2022 – Is OlumiRing Light Worth It?

OlumiRing review

Each time you open your social media pages, you might be taken aback by the number of excellent and appealing pictures you find. What makes most of these photos amazing isn’t just the device used in taking them. You can use the latest smartphones and tablets to take your pictures and still end up with low-quality images. That is where the OlumiRing light comes into the picture.

I discovered that this is the best device to light up your gloomy world upon my research. Whether you want to create more attractive and eye-catching photos to gather more followers on social media, or you’re running a store and want to increase patronage, you need to create a well-illuminated outlook for the world to see.

Helping you create this pleasing effect by using the OlumiRing is my primary objective. Thus, I’ve decided to put up this piece to acquaint you with the necessary information about OlumiRing. This is a comprehensive review, and you should endeavor to read to the end.

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OlumiRing Review: an Overview

Light remains a great way to create a more beautiful and attractive world to live in. People often develop an obsession with light, and the reason behind that is not far-fetched since light makes everything appear better and more attractive.

From toddlers’ toys which are decorated with colorful lights, to the various functional rooms in a house that require adequate lighting, there’s no doubt that light has a significant impact on human senses.

Getting the perfect light can be pretty tricky because even the largest bulbs may not adequately illuminate the entire room they’re placed in. Having a bulb in every corner of your home isn’t a good idea either because it will unnecessarily drive up your expenses, so it is much better to opt for more cost-effective and versatile lighting. OlumiRing comes in handy as it offers you all you need in one device. This device gives you a brighter outlook and is primarily designed to meet all your lighting needs.

What Is OlumiRing Light?

Comprising LED light bulbs, the OlumiRing is a lightweight ring light that enables you to light up a space. It comes with a clip that allows quick attachment of various objects and devices. The first thing that crossed my mind when I learned about the device was a tripod-stand compatible object. Perhaps this crossed your mind, too; you may be right.

OlumiRing review

The only distinction here is that you don’t need a tripod stand with the OlumiRing. It is a portable device, making it compatible with smartphones and tablets, where it improves the quality of portrait pictures and selfies. While applying make-up, the device can be attached to a mirror for a better view. It is also suitable for zoom meetings and video calls on desktops and laptops.

History of OlumiRing

Following the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, which necessitated the need for online meetings and conferences, there was a corresponding need to put a well-lit space up for such occasions. This is mainly what led to the invention of the OlumiRing in 2020 to enhance the quality of zoom meetings.

History of OlumiRing

Professionals like makeup artists, content creators, educators, and photographers, as well as ordinary consumers, have a pressing need for optimum lighting to meet professional standards. With hundreds of thousands of people working remotely, the invention of the OlumiRing offered timely solutions to their lighting challenges.

The device is beneficial and highly valuable to its users wherever they may be. Being such a small device, it is easy to carry the OlumiRing in your bag when you’re on the move. You can attach it to your laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, and camera. Since its invention, the device has gathered more than ten thousand patronages.

Features of the OlumiRing

The OlumiRing comes with cutting-edge designs that make it suitable for every space. Some of these features are:

Features of the OlumiRing


This is one of the features that sets the OlumiRing apart from the typical stand-compatible ring lights. The clip attached to the device has an opening width of about an inch to ensure that all connected objects do not fall off.


Another perk that makes the OlumiRing my favorite ring light is its sleek and simple design. With the LED light bulb carefully constructed behind the high-quality plastic product, you have illumination across every part of your room. The power button attached controls its brightness.

40 LED Light Bulbs

Getting maximum illumination with the OlumiRing is easily achieved, thanks to its 40 LED light bulbs. 20 out of these 40 LED light bulbs are warm lights (they have high intensity), and the others are cool (they have low intensity). Whereas the warm lights work well when you need a large amount of light, hence their brightness, the cool lights are used when a relatively small amount of light is required, hence their dimness.

USB Plug

The USB plug designed with the OlumiRing makes it suitable for you to plug your adapter, laptop, or any other device.


The non-light-bearing part of the device comes in different colors, ranging from pink to black & white.


Other great features of the OlumiRing include:

  • Softening diffuser
  • Silicon inner lining
  • Easy hanging for photos and selfies
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Three power modes

OlumiRing Reviews: Technicalities

Now that you know what this device is and what its premium features are, highlighted below are some of the technicalities you need to be aware of.

  • Colors: Black, white, and pink.
  • Accessories: USB cable
  • Material: plastic
  • Diameter: 3 inches
  • Amount per one: one

How Does the OlumiRing Light Work?

To use the OlumiRing, all you need to do is charge it, and it’s ready for use. The device comes with a USB-compatible cable, enabling you to charge it using a laptop or an adapter. When fully charged, turn it on by long-pressing the power button. You can adjust the bulb lightings for a better view.

How Does the OlumiRing Light Work

To get rid of dark areas and shadows surrounding an image and make it brighter, the light bulbs give off a combination of warm and cool lights.

Pros and Cons of the OlumiRing


  • It is available at cost-effective rates. It works on all devices such as tablets, laptops, computers, cameras, and video tools. It is built with durable materials capable of lasting for a lifetime. It provides up to two hours of continuous use after a full charge. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to connect to electronic tools. It is bundled with a cable for charging the battery. It has adjustable modes of lighting, ranging from dim to bright. It allows for increased productivity.


  • Available in limited numbers. Not easy to relate to. Not suitable for large-scale productions. Available in limited colors. Limited coverage.

Does OlumiRing Require a Battery?

The device comes with an in-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charging the device is quite easy, and all that is required of you is to plug the cable into an adapter and a power outlet.

Is Olumiring Compatible with Ipads/Tablets and Android Devices?

Without mincing words, OlumiRing is effective with Android devices, tablets, and iPads. You can clip it to any device and get the effect you want. If you wish to provide sufficient lighting for laptop and webcam usage, you can depend on this ring light to give you that.

Does OlumiRing Support Photo or Video Capturing?

OlumiRing can be used to provide light while taking a photo or recording a video.

Can OlumiRing Be Attached to a Mobile Device with a Case on?

Even with a case on, OlumiRing can still work perfectly well with any mobile device. This is possible as a result of its lightweight and durable composition.

Will OlumiRing Hinder My Iphone’S Face ID Feature?

Due to the adjustable clip designed with the device, there’s no way your iPhone’s Face ID will be interfered with. Thus, you can adjust the clip to prevent it from covering the camera.

Where to Buy OlumiRing Light?

To buy the OlumiRing, the best place to make such a purchase is via the manufacturer’s official website available on Google browser. When you visit the page, the original factory group shows up, and you can make your purchase there with ease.

Where to Buy OlumiRing Light

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal information; the website guarantees maximum security and privacy. Another advantage that you stand to enjoy is discount. Whenever you buy the device, you stand the chance of enjoying huge discounts from the manufacturer.

How Much Does OlumiRing Cost?

The cost of OlumiRing varies according to the quantity purchased. Below are the price tags as well as the amount you can buy.

  • One OlumiRing: 24.99 USSD plus S and H
  • Purchase two and get one free: 19.99 USSD for each plus free S and H.
  • Purchase three and get one free: 17.99 USSD for each plus free S and H.

Do OlumiRing Lights Have Alternatives?

As you already know, OlumiRing light is your best bet if you want to create high-quality pictures and videos, but there are still some noteworthy alternatives out there.

Do Ring Lights Have Alternatives

One basic and functional alternative I would recommend is your device’s flashlight. Perhaps you are hosting or taking part in a zoom meeting; you can get good light from your phone’s flashlight. You only need to place it properly.

Your room’s lamp can also be of great use. Ensure that you put the lighting in place before the meeting kicks off.

Whether you are using a room lamp or your phone’s flashlight, you need to set the light up properly to get the desired effects. However, I would not advise you to use either of these for a professional job. Ring lights are the most efficient if you have the resources at your disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions about OlumiRing

There are several concerns aired on the internet about OlumiRing lights. I’ve decided to provide you with some of these questions and their corresponding answers, as follows.

Is OlumiRing durable?

The durability of this ring light is enviable. The device is built to last, so you don’t need to worry about needing to replace it; it will continue to serve you as long as you need it.

How bright is the OlumiRing?

The range of this device’s brightness is between 100 and 800 lumens. 800 lumens is the brightest, and 100 lumens is the dimmest; you can choose the brightness level that suits your needs within this range.

Does the OlumiRing affect my picture quality?

The OlumiRing is designed to provide light in such a way that your photos and videos have greatly improved quality. With the proper lighting, which you will get from OlumiRing, you can create bright and attractive images and videos.

Will the OlumiRing block my screen?

The possibility of this occurring is very slim. As a result of its doughnut-like shape, which leaves ample space between the light bulbs, you can rest assured that your screen will not be blocked.

Does it affect sight?

Despite the wide acceptance and popularity of this device, you must seek medical care anytime you notice or experience any issue with your eyes. Cases of eye defects cannot be completely ruled out if you’re using OlumiRing lights.

How long will OlumiRing work on one charge?

After a charge, you can use this device for as long as two hours, thanks to its solid and reliable in-built battery.

Who Manufactures OlumiRing?

To offer solutions to most of the challenges that came with the Covid-19 pandemic, Oluminate, a leading brand primarily focused on making and designing LED ring lights, came up with the OlumiRing.

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Wrap Up

Do you know what you get when efficiency meets versatility?. You get a blend of satisfaction and convenience. With the OlumiRing, you can give mouthwatering pictures to your viewers and followers on social media platforms. If you are running a store, you can also increase patronage with the right light at your disposal. You can also improve the appearance of your home with this device.

9.8out of 10






Value for Money




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